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Cynara cardunculus ASTERACEAE
Cultivated for at least 30,000 years! Cardoon is the ancestor of the globe artichoke. It has spinier leaves and a non-edible flower head but the stalks are harvested like celery and cooked. The leaves are bitter and should be removed. Harvest stalks when plants are 12 to 24" tall. Taller plants require blanching. Wrap outer leaves and then wrap with old grocery bags to exclude light, using twine to hold the wrap tight. Harvest the blanched plants in a month. Prepare stalks by boiling in salted water with a twist of lemon to prevent discoloration. Serve as a vegetable or use in stews or soups. Also good pickled or dipped in batter and fried.
Pkt. (0.75 g, 21 seeds)

[Culture: Biennial, zones 3-9 or Perennial/70°F/---/transplant, direct sow/sun/48-72" ht./24-36" apart]


Pkt. (0.75 g, 21 seeds)
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