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Amaranth 'Mayo Indian'

Amaranthus cruentus AMARANTHACEAE
From Sonora, Mexico, this is a beautiful, maroon-flowered, black-seeded variety, with sturdy stalks and large heads of tiny flowers. The large, dried, flower heads can be used in arrangements of everlasting flowers. Organic gardening tip: When planted near cucumbers amaranth makes an excellent trap crop for cucumber beetles. The young ornamental leaves are used like spinach, and the seeds are used like corn to make esquite (parched, popped seeds), pinole (toasted flour, sweetened with vanilla, cinnamon, and anise) and atole (a sweetened, flour-based beverage).
Pkt. (0.8 gm, 680 seeds)

[Culture: Annual/70?F/---/7-10 days/transplant, direct sow/Spring,Fall/sun/60-72" ht./8-12" apart/Sow seed 1/4" deep. 1" apart in rows 2 to 3? apart. Soil must be kept moist until seed has germinated. Thin to 12 to 18" apart.]


Pkt. (0.8 gm, 680 seeds)
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