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'Mortgage Lifter VFN'

Lycopersicon lycopersicum SOLANACEAE
83 days. 'Mortgage Lifter VFN' is an improved version of 'Mortgage Lifter'. The original 'Mortgage Lifter' is a pink-red variety developed in the 1930's by M.C. Byles, also known as 'Radiator Charlie'. Unlike the original 'Mortgage Lifter', this variety has red flesh, and has additional disease resistance. Fruits are also more uniform in shape with fewer off-types. The large beefsteak fruits typically range from 10 to 14 oz. The vines are very productive and bear until frost. Excellent flavor.
Pkt. (0.12 g, 45 seeds)


Pkt. (0.12 g, 45 seeds)
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