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'German Johnson'

76 days. (Indeterminate) [Popular heirloom tomato from Virginia and North Carolina.] This is one of the four parent lines of 'Mortgage Lifter' tomato from West Virginia. It is similar in flavor, but more regular in shape, and generally smooth tops. 'German Johnson' is a consistent and reliable performer in hot, humid areas. Plants are very productive with good disease resistance. The pink-red fruits average 3/4 to 1-/12 pounds when well grown. An excellent tomato for sandwiches, and is a good canning tomato as well. Fruits have fewer seeds than other varieties. When seedsman, Jeff McCormack asked a North Carolina breeder of hybrid tomatoes, what was his favorite variety of tomato, he replied that he preferred the (non-hybrid) 'German Johnson' as his favorite home garden variety.
Pkt. (0.12 g, 45 seeds)


Pkt. (0.12 g, 45 seeds)
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