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Achillea millefolium ASTERACEAE
Compared to cultivated yarrows, common yarrow is the hardiest and most medicinally active. Flowers are usually white with occasional pink flowers, borne in flat-topped clusters. Yarrow self-sows readily. For the highest essential oil content, it is best grown in un-enriched soil. Medicinal: The aerial parts are used medicinally. Yarrow functions as a diaphoretic herb for fevers, and is one of the best herbs for this purpose. It also has hypotensive action, is anti-inflammatory and hemostatic. Caution: Prolonged or frequent use is contraindicated.
Pkt. (0.1 g, 704 seeds)

[Culture: Perennial, zones 3-10/7-14 days/light-dependent germinator/direct sows, transplant/Spring/ sun/12-36" ht./12" apart]


Photography by Jude Della Terra


Pkt. (0.1 g, 704 seeds)
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