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Thyme, German Winter

Thymus vulgaris LAMIACEAE
An essential ingredient for French cuisine, and flavoring for sauces, soups, meats, dressings, stuffings, caseroles (especially zucchini, bean dishes, and baked and sauteed vegetables. Plants have a shrubby growth habit, and are evergreen and perennial.Medicinal:Used as an expectorant and bronchial anti-spasmodic and carminative. Used externally for gum disease, arthritis, and fungus infections. Should not be used medicinally by pregnant women. Pkt. (0.2 g, 683 seeds)

[Culture: Perennial, zones 4-8/55-60°F/---/14-30/direct sow/4-8" ht./4-12" apart]


Pkt. (0.2 g, 683 seeds)
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