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Rosemarinus officinalis LAMIACEAE
Rosemary is a versatile culinary seasoning for many vegetable or meat dishes. Medicinal: Rosemary has diverse medicinal properties, the most notable being its use as a circulatory and nervine stimulant. Extracts of rosemary have strong antioxidant and preservative properties.
Pkt. (0.1 g, 86 seeds)

[Culture: Perennial, zones 6-9/55°F night, 70°F day/light-dependent germinator/14-30 days/transplant/sun/24-36" ht./12-36" apart/requires a well-drained, alkaline soil. Sow seed in a sterile seed starting mix with limestone added. Germination is normally low and growth of seedlings is slow.]


Photography by Jude Della Terra


Pkt. (0.1 g, 86 seeds)
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