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Verbascum thapsis SCROPHULARIACEAE
Native wildflower grows as a rosette of very woolly, gray-green leaves the first year, producing a tall spike of bright yellow 3/4" flowers in the second year. First year plants may be used as attractive houseplants. Dried flower stalks make an excellent drill for starting a fire by hand or with a bow. Medicinal: Mullein leaves and flowers have traditional medicinal use as a demulcent, emollient, astringent, and expectorant with an affinity for the respiratory system. Caution: The seeds are narcotic and poisonous if ingested in sufficient quantity.
Pkt. (0.1 g, 852 seeds) Cannot ship to HI.

[Culture: Biennial, zones 4-9/70°F/light-dependent germinator/7-21 days/transplant/sun/48-96" ht./18" apart]


Photography by Jude Della Terra


Pkt. (0.1 g, 852 seeds)
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