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Artemesia vulgaris LAMIACEAE
Large bushy plant with aromatic leaves with soft silvery undersides and small red-brown flowers. Unlike most other wormwoods that have no culinary uses, mugwort is used to season the stuffings of duck, pork, and game. It's primary use is as a medicinal herb mainly in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. Medicinal: digestive stimulant, vermifuge, bitter tonic, mild nervine, and menstrual tonic. Used for moxabustion in China. Not to be given intenally for lactating or pregnant women since it stimulates the uterus.
Pkt. (0.05 g, 492 seeds)

[Culture:Perennial, zones 3-9/stratification helps germination/---/14-21 days/Spring, Fall/ transplant/sun/36-60" ht./12-18" apart]


Pkt. (0.05 g, 492 seeds)
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