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Althea officinalis MALVACEAE
Tall, ornamental, velvety leaved plant with large, soft pink flowers clustered in the leaf axils. A plant of many uses, the seeds, flowers, and young leaves of marshmallow make a nice addition to salads. Use the leaves as cooked greens or fry the roots after boiling. Medicinal: Marshmallow has the highest concentration of muco-polysaccharides in the mallow family. The roots are especially rich in mucilage (18-35%) and natural sugars. When dried and cut into cross sections they make flavorful root lozenges for gastric ulcer. The flowers can be gathered to make expectorant syrups for coughs. Leaves gathered after flowering can be used to make infusions helpful for the mucous membranes of the bronchial and respiratory tracts. Soothes irritations of the eyes and skin.
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[Culture: Perennial, zones 4-9/stratification recommended 2 to 4 weeks/60-70?F/---/10-35 days/transplant/Spring,Fall,before last frost/sun/48-60" ht./18-24" apart


Pkt. (0.3 g)
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