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Evening Primrose 'Tina James' Magic Primrose'


Oenothera glazioviana ONAGRACEAE
Produces large, fragrant blooms; at dusk they suddenly burst open displaying crisp, yellow, showy four-petalled flowers. The flowers circle a spire of reddish, swollen buds. Blooms are 2/3 open within 10 seconds or less, and fully open within 1 to 2 minutes! Blooming lasts five to six weeks or more. Will bloom indoors as a cut flower for approximately a week. Dim lights to induce flowers to open indoors in the evening. Produces a flat rosette of leaves the first year, followed by 3 to 4' yellow spires the second year. Very hardy. We were so amazed at the speed of blooming that we hosted a "primrose party" so that friends could enjoy the time-lapse effect. During the evening the flowers are pollinated by night-flying moths as large as hummingbirds. This variety was discovered by garden writer Tina James who hosts "primrose parties" every year. Makes an interesting container plant for a deck or balcony, and is a great conversation piece. Medicinal: Contains gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), a precursor of beneficial prostaglandins. Used to moderate chronic inflammatory conditions, lessen high cholesterol, and ease pre-menstrual syndrome.

[Culture: Biennial, zones 5-8/60-75°F/light-dependent germinator/14-21 days/Spring/sun, part shade with good drainage/36-48" ht./12-18" apart/sow May through June in pots or flats/transplant after several true leaves have developed]


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