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Dock, Yellow (Curled Dock)


Rumex crispus POLYGONACEAE
A common plant worth cultivating. Grows as a rosette of leaves about 6 to 10 inches long. Upon flowering it sends up a single stalk of small inconspicuous flowers borne in whorls that yield buckwheat-like seed. Roots are ?" thick and 8" to 12" long, but larger in cultivation. Medicinal: A gentle laxative, astringent, alterative, and mild tonic. It has an action on the bowels operating without pain or discomfort. Used in ointments for skin irritations.

[Culture: Perennial, zones 3-9/70°F/light-dependent germinator/7-14 days, but may take much longer/direct sow/sun/6" (vegetative) to 36" (flower stalk)/scatter seeds on disturbed bare soil and keep weeded until emergence]


Pkt. (0.3 g, 270 seeds)
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