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Burdock, Great (Gobo)


Arctium lappa ASTERACEAE
Brown-colored root, up to 2 feet long, is sweetly aromatic with a bittersweet flavor. Popular vegetable in China, Japan, and Europe. Use like carrots. Especially good for stir-fry, vegetable dishes, and soup, or use chopped as a garnish for rice dishes. Medicinal: Traditionally used as a diuretic, lymphatic cleanser, and alterative, especially for chronic skin conditions.

[Culture: Biennial, zones 3-9/60-75oF//direct sow, Spring/sun/12" ht. (first year)/8-12" apart/maturity 90 to 150 days. Sow 1/2" deep, 2" apart, thinned to 8 to 12" apart in rows 24" apart. Roots grow 2 to 3' long. Harvest: Harvest roots in late Fall to early Spring. Japanese farmers often build a raised box several feet deep. The box is dismantled when ready to harvest. Another method is to dig a deep trench 2-1/2' deep along side the roots. To avoid breaking the roots, pull the roots upward and toward the trench at a 75-degree angle.]


Pkt. (2 g, 114 seeds)
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